It’s amazing how fast the world is changing… It was only yesterday that we talked about the three key elements of business: MONEY, INFORMATION AND TIME…
Yet today, as a result of the dizzying pace of change, we can see that money and information are no longer the primary factors of success.

Money can be obtained by virtually anyone, while information is so abundant that we can no longer see the forest for the trees.
Today, TIME has become the main ingredient of success.

Those who overtake time in their fields will hit the jackpot: they will get the best people, latest technologies and loyal clients.

And no matter how much effort it takes — the advantage will more than pay off!

How do we get ahead of time?

One of the key components of success is teams that can learn fast and act immediately within your organization.  

But how do we get people to start acting like such a team?

We design and deliver interactive programs which help people to review a situation from a new vantage point, arrive at a common understanding of key business issues, and develop their ability to act at all levels of organization.

Our programs combine five types of tools which all yield immediate results:

business simulations

in-action/on-line assessment

one-to-one coaching sessions

next step planning workshops

on the job implementation phase

Applying this 5-step cycle system, people absorb knowledge faster than by means of traditional forms of training, revise the best proven practices, and can immediately plan and adopt them within your organization.

Visit our executive program “7 Steps of GREAT Companies” or one of the primary courses, “6 Ways to Show People How to Run Your Business Efficiently” to see how small changes in each area make a huge impact on the overall performance of the organization.




Why These

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 Developed by a group of international experts. Every simulation is developed by a team of international experts practicing within a specific field of science or business.

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How It Works

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Profit Simulator


The purpose of the profit simulation is to give you an opportunity to test the potential leverage of small changes

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