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“7 steps of GREAT companies” is a unique mini-MBA program designed for people who want to increase their business acumen fast without spending years for education, and immediately apply best proven practices in their organizations.

Every new and even established successful business enters a new stage of evolution at some point; this requires structuring of accumulated knowledge, development of new tools, and practical implementation of the best ideas.

The combination of business simulations with next steps planning workshops,  on the job development phase and coaching sessions creates new type of the programs which help people develop their understanding and ability to act immediately at all levels of your organization.

This method is preferred by the no-nonsense, practical participants, people who had no opportunity for long theoretical study – yet who are already in charge of major areas of business today, and are poised to handle even more imposing tasks in the near future.

1. Understanding what ails you and why.


The company as a balanced organism. Does finance give us a clear diagnosis? How to identify the source of pain? The answer is here!

2. Sharpening your vision — seeing your customers' needs!




One market, common clients, similar products. Find your vantage point and win the battle? You've come to the right place!

3. Training your body — adopting new approaches and techniques!


New project changing everything in your company. What captain and his crew are going to do? Do not bump into the reef in rush!

4. How to be healthy and prosperous in the future?


Processes has become outdated and there is no demand for your goods? Do you need enter new markets and get a loan? It seems, competitors are in the same situation. What is your first step?

5. How to make your company not only prosperous, but GREAT!


Attracting and retaining the best employees to win the best customers. Will it work? In what sequence?

6. The longevity test — adjusting your strategy!


Your company's strategy has been developed, approved and successfully launched.

Are you sure it fits you today?

7. How to leave your mark and become a legend?


Do you really understand what the term "innovation" stands for? Then you'd better buckle up because you're in for one crazy ride!


Why These

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 Developed by a group of international experts. Every simulation is developed by a team of international experts practicing within a specific field of science or business.

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How It Works

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Profit Simulator


The purpose of the profit simulation is to give you an opportunity to test the potential leverage of small changes

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