Стратегические Сессии

Strategic sessions or “next step planning” workshops are key point of change and implementation process within your organization.

At this stage participants attribute all their learning and experience sharpened or discovered within a business simulation to the real organization.

In 80% of cases they identify similar problems as the main obstacles to company’s success as they were faced during a simulation.

And if they managed to overcome this problems within the simulation, what stops them make it in the real life?

This is the question which demands maximum attention and efforts from us as facilitators. Here we have to design our session such a way to get certain assurance of integrity from our participants. Otherwise results of session will be impaired and will not benefit to the organization.

Most of our simulations already contain strategic workshop set, enabling participants to identify the essential changes needed within the company, and to proceed with their implementation.

However in some specific cases we develop our own design workshop to deliver our clients guaranteed results.

Results of each strategic session may vary from client to client, but in the most cases it should give:

• engaged and committed team ready to implement changes

• common understanding of changes which are necessary now

• agreed targets and KPI’s measuring change success within particular time period

• responsibility of each team member for certain target or KPI

Longer versions of strategicс session or in-house follow up workshops may provide:

• detailed action plan

• phases scheduled with dates and deliverables

• responsible persons from the team for each phase

However, irrespectively of initial targets and length of time spent each (even short) workshop gives following results to the group:

• Improved productivity through better teamwork, communication and coordination.

• Alignment around the “big picture” and a deeper level understanding of strategy and tactical initiatives.

• Better decisions for optimal allocation of limited resources.

• Increased responsiveness to internal and external customer needs.

• Deep understanding of the overall business impact of single decisions.

As soon as you complete your workshop you have only 2 weeks to make the following action steps an start to utilize the results.

It’s very perishable product! Mainly due to human factor involved.

At this point organizations usually have 2 options to do:

1. start acting according to plan and targets agreed


2. cascade down course of action to the bigger number of personnel.

In the first case we assist our clients in implementation phase with assessment / development centers and individual coaching sessions for key managers of organization leading the change.

In the second case we develop more broad activity (like learning maps) and strategic workshop for bigger number of personnel to make next steps of organization clear for everybody and discuss supportive actions of each employee. For more details please see Corp.Events & Meetings.


Why These

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 Developed by a group of international experts. Every simulation is developed by a team of international experts practicing within a specific field of science or business.

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Profit Simulator


The purpose of the profit simulation is to give you an opportunity to test the potential leverage of small changes

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