Konstantin Orlov


I’m Financial Management Executive, ACCA qualified, with more than 15 years of international experience in telecommunication, tobacco, sea transportation and consulting industries.

My background involved several markets - Sweden, Germany, Russia, CIS Countries and the EMEA region – where I grow my professional expertise from the position of internal auditor to financial controller and regional CFO.

All my career I had luck to work for companies which were always on the edge and challenge settled status quo in their industries - US West (part of AT&T), Tele2, R.J. Reynolds, Japan Tobacco International, Baltic Express Line, Exect Partners Group.

In all of these companies I have learned that truth is not always what you have been touched.

I’ve got my financial education in Uppsala University (Sweden) and in Association of Certified Chartered Accountants more than 12 years ago and was very proud of quality background I owing from these reliable institutions…

… until I found that a solid part what we have been trained before can’t be applied in the future and is not really what businesses require from us.

Imagine, company culture, image, brand, people knowledge, skills, their intentions to develop and create new approaches and tools are still not countable from company assets perspective

I started to think how can we change this situation? How businesses can properly respond to the system? How people can learn quickly, keep in focus main aspects, update the rules and standards according to changing environment and their business needs and same time stay in line with statutory or accounting regulations?

And finally I decided to show people all the truth about companies and arm them with all my 15 years business experience within 1, 2 or 3 days!

Do you think is it possible? Yes!

Applying "Power of Learning" methodology our students absorb knowledge several times faster than traditional way, see the big picture, understand core business concepts and financial principles form their own opinion and start acting.

They don’t afraid anymore! They can act, evaluate their actions from finance and organizational perspective, and respond properly on requests.

If they will need additional knowledge about specific topics, they know how to get and interpret it as now they know how the system works…

Try yourself and you see that all ingenious is simple!

Cathy Comber


Cathy is currently an executive coach and Principal of Illuminate Coaching.

She received her certification as an Executive Coach at Royal Roads University. She is a member of the International Coach Federation, and her focus is working with executives, leaders and teams to produce extraordinary results.

Cathy has over ten years of management experience primarily in the computer and software industries. She worked with individuals and teams in the area of education, more specifically, computer training and education within the software industry.

She held three senior positions which allowed her to fully develop and utilize her skill set and abilities as a manager: Operations/Education Manager, Training and Consulting Partner Manager for the western region of North America, and as a Business Manager; managing two branches of a national computer training company.

She felt her greatest asset was in helping individuals discover their passions, helping teams and individuals clarify and meet their goals; forming an effective collaboration to move the members of the team towards a collective vision.

Prior to working in the computer and software industry, Cathy after completing her degree in Psychology, worked in direct care on a male adolescent unit in a residential treatment facility; eventually becoming a supervisor on this unit. This led to her working as a Case Manager at a psychiatric hospital, primarily with adolescents, but also with the adult population.

She felt the most important aspect of her
effectiveness in these roles was her ability to connect with patients quickly, being able to empathize with them, truly listen to them, thereby creating a foundation of trust and a safe environment in which to share.

Cathy is committed to challenging leaders, executives and teams to move form where they are, to a future that was initially unforeseen or believed to be unobtainable; helping them discover their potential and what's possible with a sense of excitement, courage, determination, and clarity; ultimately, creating extraordinary results in business and life.

Cathy has worked with clients such as: SAP, BCAA, Fraser Health Authority, Elizabeth Fry Toronto, Emperor Foods, Montessori School...

Cathy spends her free time hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, working out, traveling, spending time with friends and family and enjoying the beach in summers.


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